Semper Quaerens

Charity Begins At Home

Yesterday while I was in the car, and again today while I was doing the same, I heard a number of people – including one politician who shall remain anonymous, as will their party – speaking about the need for Australia, and Australians, to look after their own first, because, after all, “charity begins at home.”

It’s a well known phrase, and we often hear it used in that context – that before anything else, we should take care of our own, and only then take care of others, if there’s anything left over. Everyone knows that’s what the saying means right?

Except it doesn’t!

The saying “charity begins at home” has nothing to do with looking after those closest to us before we seek to look after others. In truth, the saying has everything to do with the fact that charity – the love we show to others – is firstĀ taught at home. The home is where we learn the value of charity, the art of loving others, and the need to not always be focussed on ourselves.

It’s a lesson that can’t be learnt anywhere else…but it remains a lesson that must be learnt!

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