Praying As We Ought

From the Office of Readings for Thursday of the 29th Week in Ordinary Time:

So in these afflictions that can both benefit and do harm, we do not know how to pray as we ought. Yet because they are difficult and troublesome, annoying our sense of our own weakness, we pray with all our human will for them to be taken away from us. But we owe this much trust to our Lord God, that if he does not take them away, we should not suppose ourselves to be neglected by him, but should rather hope with devout patience for good things greater than the evils. For in this way virtue is made perfect in weakness. These things are written to stop a man thinking highly of himself if his prayer is heard when he asks impatiently for something it would be better for him not to obtain; on the other hand, should his prayer not be heard, he may become utterly depressed, despairing of the divine mercy towards himself, though it may be what he is asking could cause much more terrible afflictions if granted or else bring good fortune which might corrupt and ruin him. In such cases, then, we do not know to pray as we ought.

From the letter of St Augustine to Proba.

The End of the Semper Quaerens Journal

With regret, I announce the demise of the Semper Quaerens Journal.

The end of this ‘publication’ comes about as part of a general renovation of the Semper Quaerens website, and a was a result of both cost and lack of usage.

My apologies go o the one or two regular ‘subscribers’ to the Journal, who will no longer have access to the service.

It Might Be Legal…

…but we’ll never know. The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection has personally intervened to block the right of asylum seekers to permanent protection and settlement and to strip them of any right to appeal against his decisions. Through the issuing of a ‘conclusive certificate’, the Minister has determined that such a course of action is in the ‘national interest’. You can view the ‘conclusive certificate’ in the story below.

Every time something like this happens it becomes clearer that maintaining the ‘integrity’ of the current Government’s policy position is more important than fulfilling their legal and moral obligation to afford protection to those may have a legitimate right to our protection under the relevant International and Australian law.

The Fullness of Prayer

From the Office of Readings for Wednesday of the 29th Week in Ordinary Time:

And if you run through all the words of the sacred prayers, you will find nothing, in my opinion, that is not contained in the Lord’s prayer. Hence there is a freedom to us one form of words or another while praying, yet still saying the same things; but there should be no freedom to say different things.

We must pray in this way for ourselves, for our own people, for strangers, and for our very enemies, without hesitation; though according to the nearness or distance of relationships different emotions will arise in the heart of the one who prays.

From the letter of St Augustine to Proba.

On The Lord’s Prayer

From the Office of Readings for Tuesday of the 29th Week in Ordinary Time:

It is necessary by thee words to impress the realities themselves on our memory. For whatever other words we may say – whether the devotion of the one praying precedes and forms the words to express itself, or accompanies the words and grows from them – if we are praying in the right way, we say nothing that has not already a place in the Lord’s prayer. But whoever says anything that cannot be related to this prayer of the gospel, even thought he is not praying unlawfully, he is praying in a fleshly, unspiritual manner: and I do not know how that should not be called unlawful, since people reborn of the Spirit ought not to pray otherwise than spiritually.

From a letter of St Augustine to Proba.

Outrageous Overstep

It would appear that the proposed ban on the wearing of the full face-covering burqa in the Commonwealth Parliament House came about not because of any serious security threat and assessment involving the Australian Federal Police or other security agencies, but rather because of the direct intervention of the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate. It would also appear that the original tip came from some anonymous source that uses the name ‘Media Manipulator’…

In light of these revelations during Senate Estimates hearings, perhaps the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate should apologise to their parliamentary colleagues, to the Australian public, and then quietly resign and return the the back benches.

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