Sad But True

It is sad to realise, as this video shows, that the current violence in Israel/Gaza is nothing new to that part of the world. It has, in fact, been thus since the very beginning…

We continue to pray for the victims of those violence, including those who visit that violence upon other human beings, that the cycle of violence might be broken and a lasting peace might be sort by the truly brave members of that community.

Stifling Different Positions

An interesting article from Mike Seccombe in today’s issue of The Saturday Paper examining the way in which the current Federal Government is seeking to stifle and limit opposing views through threats to the funding of Non Government Organisations that engage in advocacy…and who might as a result criticise the current Federal Government and its policies.

So much for ‘free speech’!

A Budget of Political Payback

In his first column for The Saturday Paper, Tony Windsor, former independent Member of Parliament, takes a look at the consequences for the Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia of framing a budget based (almost exclusively) on political payback.

The Value of Life

Waleed Aly, whom I don’t always agree with when he writes, makes a very interesting point about the value that is placed on human life, and, more to the point, the greater value we place on some human lives over and against others.

It does give one pause to think…

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